Grass-fed Beef

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How Much Does It Cost?

  • Individual cuts: see the price list and availablity here.
  • Bulk pricing based on weight:
    • Inflation is causing hardship for everyone. We regret that we had to raise rates on Sept 12, 2023 as follows:
    • $23.00/lb for a two front quarters, or "half a steer" or "side of beef" producing about 200 lb of packaged meat.
    • $23.50/lb for a quarter steer producing about 100 lb of packaged meat.
  • Shipping (see details here): There are other places you can buy kosher meat that is advertised as grassfed that may offer lower shipping rates, such as and


Are Subscriptions for Monthly Delivery Available?

Yes, within most of Texas and southern Oklahoma. We are working on setting up this option, so please let us know if you are interested. We are thinking of monthly shipments of about 5-10 lb of assorted premium cuts with subscription periods of 3 to 12 months at a time. As you can imagine, shipping is the major cost of this service. Until we formalize the plan, we can certainly set up custom arrangements with those of you who are interested.

How to buy our Grassfed Beef

To buy individual cuts or in bulk online, sign up for an account with us and then reserve your order on the online store. Your reservation becomes official when you pay the deposit what what you are ordering. Full payment based on the total weight of the packaged meat is due just before we deliver the meat to you.


How much Freezer Space will I need?

From Producer’s Guide to Pasture-Based Beef Finishing, "A common question from potential freezer beef consumers is 'how much freezer space do I need?' A good rule of thumb is one cubic feet of freezer space will be needed to store 30 lbs of meat. This number may need to be increased if packages of meat are oddly shaped and do not stack well."

Where can I read more about buying beef in bulk?

Courtesy of Huse's Country Meats, here is a Beef and Pork Whole Animal Buying Guide at

About our Herd

We have a cow-calf and grassfed finishing operation in which the calves are kept with their mothers until they wean naturally, then are kept in nearby pastures as they grow older. The young animals are available for sale usually after two years of age. The reason for keeping them so long is that grassfed cattle grow more slowly and their meat is tougher until they reach biological maturity. This finishing process takes 24 to 27 months in most animals. At that point, the meat has the delicious, tender characteristics that make grassfed beef a favorite.

About Our Grassfed Beef

Our grassfed beef comes from cattle fed only their mother's milk (until they are weaned) and grasses. They are "grass finished" because they eat only grass (and salt and minerals) as they gain weight up to the time of processing. They are never crowded together in unsanitary feed lots.

To reassure customers who have not yet met us that we mean what we say, we have arranged for regular third-party inspections and certifications. We are currently certified grassfed and grass finished by the prestigious American Grassfed Association. Our pastures and our cattle are also under rigorous USDA organic certification, which means the land is never exposed to substances forbidden under the USDA's National Organic Program, and our animals are never exposed to antibiotics*, herbicides, pesticides, growth and other hormones, GMO substances, and pretty much any synthetic substances.


Can You Sell Me Certified Organic Beef?

We can sell you a certified organic animal but not the resulting meat. Why? There are no certified organic processing facilities in the state of Texas, despite growing consumer demand for certified organic beef.


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